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ConfigCat's fair pricing policy

· 3 min read
Peter Csajtai

The main idea about our pricing is that our prices are fixed, deterministic and there are no hidden fees. Also we offer a forever free plan without requiring any commitment or credit card information. All features are available in all plans - even the free - helping the evaluation process of our customers.


We do not charge for team size or monthly active users (MAU), so companies do not need to define their team and traffic size, as this, in our experience, is not something they already know in the beginning. Unlimited team size makes it possible for your team to grow as you can invite as many contributors, or colleagues as you want. You also wouldn’t want to be concerned about the growing traffic, as the price does not change with the growing number of monthly active users/ MAUs (the number of unique users who visit your website or application).


Security is not a matter of money. All security features are available in all plans free or payed.


High availability is guaranteed in Unlimited and Dedicated plans. However don't forget that all the ConfigCat SDKs are resilient and works from local cache even in the rare case of an outage.

Guaranteed requests

When the customers integrate the ConfigCat SDKs, and access the feature flags through it, the SDKs send requests to the ConfigCat CDN. One request is made when the ConfigCat SDK downloads the config.json from the ConfigCat CDN. After latest setting values are downloaded, they are stored in the SDK's internal cache and all feature flag or setting value is served from there. Feature flag evaluation is on the client side, so - the client has full control over how many request are being made. Every cache update counts as a request. The frequency of the downloads can be customized by using different

polling modes with the SDK.

What if I hit the request limit in my current plan?

Even if the number of requests hits the limit ConfigCat will still keep serving feature flags in the same manner, while you can expect us contacting you to make sure we meet your needs.

The number of feature flags and settings

The limits in the number of feature flags and setting should be considered as per product; you can have more products with 10, respectively 100 feature flags & settings. They vary from plan to plan, but if you choose the Unlimited or Dedicated plan, it’ll be no longer necessary to consider their number

What happens if a customer moves to smaller plan?

They can still keep their settings that include services beyond the new plan – so you won’t lose your previous data from the paid subscription, you can still use all the services smoothly, but you will not be allowed to add new products with settings that surpass the actual plan. The client’s subscription will automatically be changed to the Free subscription, which includes more limitations for the future, while preserving the previously used paid plan properties.


  • All plans have a fixed price, no hidden fees or surprises.
  • Not charging for team size.
  • Not charging for MAUs.
  • Not charging for security features.