Team and Collaboration Management

Team members are your friends, colleagues, and clients who work on the same Product. You can invite as many of them to your Product as many you want.

Invite others to collaborate

  1. Navigate to the Manage product page.
  2. Click INVITE TEAM MEMBERS and enter the invitees' email addresses (comma separated).
  3. Setup the invitees' initial Permission group and click on SEND INVITATION EMAIL.
  4. A ConfigCat invitation will be sent to the invitees' email addresses.

You can modify their permissions anytime.

Managing team members

  1. Navigate to the Manage product page.
  2. Click on πŸ—‘οΈ ️to delete a Team member.
  3. Click on a Team member's Permission group to change it.

Permissions & Permission Groups


  • Manage Product - access to invite and remove team members, manage permissions, and see the product-level audit log.
  • Manage Resources - access to create, update and delete feature flags, tags, settings, configs, and environments
  • View SDK Key - access to view the SDK Key which is considered as a sensitive information, since your applications can download the config.json files only using this key.

Access to Feature Flag and Setting values

  • Full access to all/some environment - access to change setting values and switch feature flags
  • Read-only access to all/some environment - access to see feature flags and settings, but prevents from changing their value
  • No access to a specific environment - prevents from seeing and changing values

Permission Groups

Permission groups are collections of permissions. They help you organize the permissions into groups that are meaningful to you. You can control your Team members permissions by assigning them to Permission groups.

For example, you could define the following Permission groups:

  • Administrator - Manage Product, Manage Resources, Full access to all environments
  • Product Manager - Full access to all environments
  • Developer - Manage Resources, Read-only access to LIVE environment, Full access to all other environments