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Azure AD

Connect ConfigCat with Azure Active Directory via SAML.


Each SSO Identity Provider requires specific information to configure a SAML integration. The following guide will walk you through on how you can connect ConfigCat with Azure Active Directory as a SAML Identity Provider.

1. Create an Azure AD Enterprise Application

  • Log in to the Azure Portal, go to the Azure Active Directory resource, and select Enterprise applications.

  • Click on New application.

  • Click on Create your own application.

  • Enter a descriptive App name, select the Integrate any other application you don't find in the gallery (Non-gallery) option, then click Create.

  • On the Manage section of the application, select Single sign-on, then select SAML.

The next step will guide you on how to collect the information required for Configuring SAML in the application.

2. Configure SAML for the Azure Enterprise Application

  • Open your organization's authentication settings on the ConfigCat dashboard.

  • Select the domain you want to configure with SAML, and click Set under the SAML SSO status.

  • From the appearing dialog, copy the following values and paste them into the Enterprise application.

    • Entity ID -> Identifier (Entity ID)

    • Assertion Consumer Service -> Reply URL (Assertion Consumer Service URL)

3. Configure ConfigCat with SAML Details from Azure

You can choose one of the following options to configure ConfigCat with SAML Identity Provider metadata.

  • Copy the value of App Federation Metadata Url.

  • Paste the copied value into the Metadata URL field at ConfigCat.

  • Click on Save.

4. Assign Users to the Enterprise Application

To let users authenticate via SAML, you need to assign individual users or groups to the Enterprise application.

  • Select Users and groups on the Manage section of the menu.

  • Click Add user/group, then select the users or groups you want to assign.

5. Sign In

  • Go to the ConfigCat Log In page, and click COMAPNY ACCOUNT - SAML.

  • Sign in with your company email address assigned to the Enterprise application.

  • ConfigCat will redirect you to Microsoft's sign in page. Type your credentials for sign-in.

  • You should be redirected to ConfigCat signed in with your company account.

6. Next Steps