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Getting Started

This page is an overview and a short guide on how to get started.

ConfigCat is a cloud-based service that lets you release a feature without needing to deploy new code.

You can use it with many similar techniques such as feature flags/toggles, canary releases, soft launches, A-B testing, remote configuration management, and phased rollouts.

The birth of a Feature Flag

First, add a feature flag on the ConfigCat Dashboard, then you can connect your application to the ConfigCat service to access your feature flag.

Create a feature flag on the ConfigCat Dashboard

  1. Log in to the *Dashboard*
  2. Click ADD FEATURE FLAG and give it a name.


Connect your application

There are ready to use code snippets for .NET, Java, Android (Kotlin), iOS, Node, JavaScript, Python, Go, PHP, Elixir on the ConfigCat Dashboard, just scroll down to the SDK Key and steps to connect your application section.

All the ConfigCat SDKs are open-source and available on GitHub.

See the detailed Docs on how to use the ConfigCat SDKs.

Here's a short example to demonstrate the concept:

var configcat = require("configcat-client");
var client = configcat.createClient("YOUR SDK KEY HERE");

client.getValue("isMyFeatureEnabled", false, (value) => {
if (value === true) {
} else {