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Connect ConfigCat with OneLogin via SAML.


Each SSO Identity Provider requires specific information to configure a SAML integration. The following guide will walk you through on how you can connect ConfigCat with OneLogin as a SAML Identity Provider.

1. Create an Application in OneLogin

  • Log in to OneLogin, and select Applications.

  • Click on Add App.

  • Type SAML into the search bar, and select SAML Custom Connector (Advanced).

  • Enter a descriptive Display Name, then click Save.

The next step will guide you on how to collect the information required for the appearing Configuration page.

2. Configure SAML for the OneLogin Application

  • Open your organization's authentication settings on the ConfigCat dashboard.

  • Select the domain you want to configure with SAML, and click Set under the SAML SSO status.

  • From the appearing dialog, copy the following values and paste them into the OneLogin application's configuration page.

    • Copy Entity ID and paste it into the Audience (EntityID) field.

    • Copy Assertion Consumer Service and paste it into the ACS (Consumer) URL field.

    • Paste the same Assertion Consumer Service into the ACS (Consumer) URL Validator field in regex format e.g. ^https:\/\/dashboard\-api\.configcat\.com\/saml\/acs\/08d97769\-fed5\-4fd4\-8a09\-0a38bb951177$

  • Scroll down a bit on this page and configure the following:

    • Select OneLogin as SAML Initiator.

    • Select Email as SAML nameID format.

    • Select Both as SAML signature element.

  • Select Parameters, and make sure there is a NameID value entry under the SAML Custom Connector (Advanced) Field with the value Email.

  • Select SSO, then select SHA-256 as SAML Signature Algorithm.

3. Configure ConfigCat with SAML Details from OneLogin

You can choose one of the following options to configure ConfigCat with SAML Identity Provider metadata.

  • Select SSO, and copy the value of Issuer URL.

  • Paste the copied value into the Metadata URL field at ConfigCat.

  • Click on Save.

4. Assign the OneLogin Application to Users

To let users authenticate via SAML, you need to assign the newly created application to them.

  • Select Users.

  • Select the user you want to get access to the application.

  • Select Applications, then click on the + sign.

  • Select your application, then click Continue.

  • Click Save.

5. Sign In

  • Go to the ConfigCat Log In page, and click COMAPNY ACCOUNT - SAML.

  • Sign in with your company email address assigned to the OneLogin application.

  • ConfigCat will redirect you to OneLogin's sign in page. Type your credentials, and click Continue.

  • You should be redirected to ConfigCat signed in with your company account.

6. Next Steps